Problems in soccer boots? Here we are! Measurements, footwear, 3D printing… Technology!

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23 May 2017
Realizing a rise in soccershoes
13 November 2017

More and more often we hear from boys and athletes who prefer a shoe that wears perfectly on their feet. This can often prove to be difficult for those who have flapping problems caused by a large plant or high neck, sometimes you have to settle down by purchasing shoes maybe a number or two in addition to being able to go inside your foot. This obviously affects the performance and the sensitivity of the foot in contact with the ball!

Here is a case that has been addressed in recent weeks:

We receive at our headquarters Peter, a footballer who has long been in trouble with the neck as he senses a tingling sensation when he uses the soccer shoes, even though he has bought a model of the right size. Analyzing specifically the size and proportions of the foot, we immediately noticed that his “right” fit (40 ½) actually had a smaller volume than his foot, and very probably it was this that caused tingling; he would have to buy a number more in order to have the correct inner volume, but in this way he loss precision in length. How did we act? Simply bringing the measurements and adapting a last to this type of features and making the add-ons to be applied with the 3D printer. By doing so, we all adapted the anatomy to this last, and made on this form a scarlet soft fluorescent orange kangaroo with carbon look. The result? A modern, beautiful, appealing, comfortable and perfect shoe for him!

Peter also accused some inflammation in the outer leg area; after a careful examination of the walk and pressures of feet, we realized a slim pair of insoles, so as to slightly adjust the trim during the run. The insoles, of course, were also made starting from 3D foot scanning, and then adapted into the pair of kangaroo shoes.

A mix of craftsmanship, technology, experience and technology, complemented by the creation of a couple of Elite TOP Flex carbon fiber shinguards to achieve the best performance!

Good luck Peter!

  • 3D foot and leg scanning
  • Peter's dynamic analysis
  • Study of peter's plantars
  • Peter's customized shoe
  • Peter's customized shoes
  • Peter's set: shoes, shin pads and plantars