Realizing a rise in soccershoes

Problems in soccer boots? Here we are! Measurements, footwear, 3D printing… Technology!
4 September 2017
The custom protective mask for Lapadula
2 February 2018

In recent days we have received at our headquarters Fidenza Daniele, a boy who has long been unable to find soccer shoes fit for his needs due to a discomfort of about 1 cm that creates a number of problems. Not being able to compensate for a 1 cm high rise inside the shoe, as it would reduce the volume too much inside the shoe, we designed a pair of special 1 cm raised footwear included in the mounting, so that we could keep it inside the ideal comfort for the foot. Daniel could choose colors and materials, and made up the shoe according to his taste! Now we are in preparation with the mix 6+6 outsoles, as the experiment is perfectly successful!

  • Realizing a rise in soccershoes
  • Realizing a rise in soccershoes2
  • Realizing a rise in soccershoes3