Tailor-made head injury protection for Luca

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23 August 2019

A tailor-made head injury protection is the practical and comfortable answer that the GL SPORT team has designed for Luca.
After a bad head injury on the playing field, the boy had been given 3 years of stop in contact sports, unless he protect his injury with a rigid protection.
This is why our team has activated itself by following several steps in the processing.

Processing step for tailor-made head injury protection

  1. First of all, we digitized the head from the player, through Structure Sensor: our 3D body scanning system. In this case, the sensor has converted the athlete’s skull into a professional CAD file;
  2. Slight modification to the CAD file. The experience and professionalism of the GL SPORT staff allow us to intervene on the 3D model file to make it perfectly adherent to reality;
  3. Milling on high rigidity polyurethane: the skull of our sportsman has been reproduced in a real three-dimensional model, on which to model the protection without physically engaging the person in annoying and painful tests;
  4. Real processing of tailor-made head injury protection: we have worked with a carbon fiber fabric for infusion;
  5. Model finishing and user test.

At the end of our carbon fiber manufacturing we asked ourselves “What is the simplest and most effective solution for fixing our protection?”.
We found the solution in a commercial product, already equipped with various surface padding and closing lace.
Luca’s protection was then assembled with this external padding and an internal layer of polypropylene.
Goal centered: to cushion any impact and better protect the injured party.
Satisfied user, maximum protection and quick and effective work.
Luca will be able to return soon on the field, thanks to our tailor-made protection.
This is what drives us to constantly improve our range of tailor-made protections: to win every injury and allow a return to the game in complete safety.