The custom protective mask for Lapadula

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13 November 2017
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16 February 2018

In the last weeks we have done a team job that has allowed Lapadula of Genoa Football Club to be able to train the week before the match with Juventus.

The bomber of Genoa went to the factory of our partner Pro2UP of Genova, and the technicians were able to carry out the 3D scan and send it to our centralized production factory for the manufacture of his custom protective mask.

The day after we sent the customized mask, including a special graphic customization, and a finish with a damaged effect, as requested by the player, and the technicians of Pro2UP took care of the part related to the delivery, with last-minute adaptations.

This is a type of collaboration that GL SPORT is starting to develop with many partner workshops in the world to allow the clubs and the many guys who need these protections to have a direct reference on the territory.

Soon we will publish a web page dedicated to the international project, with the possibility of requesting affiliation.

  • Custom protective mask Lapadula 01
  • Custom protective mask Lapadula 02
  • Custom protective mask Lapadula 03
  • Custom protective mask Lapadula 04


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